Ready for the Electrical Apprenticeship?

We’ve designed this tool to help you assess your proficiency in algebra and reading comprehension, two of the primary focus areas on the Aptitude Test for the Electrical Apprenticeship.

The Sample Test is NOT the Aptitude Test. It is simply an example of the types of questions you will see should you move forward in our process and take the official test. Consider it a tool to help gauge your readiness for the program and/or areas you need to focus on before moving ahead.

  1. There are two parts to the sample test: math & reading comprehension.
  2. The sample test is timed. You will have 4.25 minutes on the reading section & 7 minutes for the math.
  3. No calculators are allowed for the test.
  4. Test scores from this sample test are not recorded, but used to show you where you’re at today.
  5. You may take this sample test as many times as you like.
  6. Please get paper and pencil prior to starting, as you will need work space for the math questions.

Ready for the Sample Test?