Start the Electrical Industry Training Center apprenticeship program and be on-the-job, earning wages in week one. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. The EITC’s combination of job placement, hands-on learning and technical classroom instruction offers a unique opportunity for motivated, committed, talented individuals seeking a career for life in the electrical trade.



How We Do It

We support the cost of the education in our three and five year programs through a joint partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 58 and the electrical contractors represented by Southeastern Michigan Chapter NECA so that our apprentices graduate debt-free, with wages, healthcare and retirement benefits.

Job Placement

We take applications from all interested individuals in our programs. The key to our program is early job placement. We don’t enroll everyone who applies. We balance enrollment with job availability for qualified candidates who have successfully completed the application process, aptitude test and interview. Once enrolled, our apprentices are on-the-job 90% of their apprenticeship.


The Electrical Industry Training Center apprenticeship provides a strong foundation of hands-on, on-the-job and technical classroom education. This multi-faceted method provides a jump start for a successful career as an Electrician or within a related field.

Graduates continue as highly successful electricians in the field, move into leadership or management roles in the field or office and many continue their education to become specialists and engineers.


of our current contractors who own many of the largest and most respected electrical contracting firms in the region began as apprentices in our program.