Start the Electrical Industry Training Center apprenticeship program and be on-the-job, earning wages in week one. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. The Electrical Industry Training Center’s combination of job placement, hands-on learning and technical classroom instruction offers a unique opportunity for motivated, committed, talented individuals seeking a career for life in the electrical trade.

Do I need my Social Security card to apply online?

You do not need to upload your actual Social Security card, but you will need to know the number.

Can I complete my application before I turn 18?

You must be at least 17 years of age and have graduated from high school or have a GED when you apply for the program.

Do I need to have a Driver’s License to apply or be in the program?

A Photo I.D. is required at the time of application. Upon acceptance into the apprenticeship program, you are required to have reliable transportation to the Training Center and to any jobsite to which you are assigned.

What are the steps for application and acceptance?

The process consists of online Application and Aptitude Testing.  To review How to Apply, click here.

How much per hour will I earn as an Apprentice?

Each program has a different Apprentice wage structure.  All Apprentices enter at a given wage rate and receive increases as they move successfully through the program.  For specific program wage information, click here

Can I have my transcripts sent in prior to picking up my application?

Please have a sealed copy of your transcripts mailed to our office at the time of your application.

Can I apply for all 3 Apprenticeship programs at the same time?

You can apply for all three or any combination of programs at the same time if they are open for application.

What if I have a criminal record?

A criminal record does not exclude you from applying to the program.   Individuals with a criminal record will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How does related experience in the electrical field and related classroom instruction apply to this program?

Related electrical field and classroom experience may be uploaded during the online application process.

Does my experience in the Military apply to this program?

Individuals who have Military experience and specific electrical field and classroom instruction are excellent candidates for the program.

Military experience can be uploaded during the online application process.

Do I need a computer and what are the required specifications?

If accepted into the apprenticeship program, you will need to have internet access and access to a Windows based computer to complete homework assignments.

Computer/Internet access can be made available at the Training Center for apprentices who do not have it available elsewhere.

The minimum recommended computer specifications are:

  • 15” HD Display
  • HD Graphics
  • 13 or better Processor (Dual Core minimum)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Sound
  • Wireless Wi-Fi
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 (full version, no RT) or 10
  • Web Browser (Firefox recommended)
  • Flash
  • Java
What is the cost of tuition and expenses?

The apprenticeship programs at the Detroit Electrical Industry Training Center are funded by a joint labor-management partnership between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 58 and the National Electrical Contractors Association of Southeastern Michigan. Through this industry partnership and investment, the Detroit Electrical Industry Training Center offers comprehensive classroom and hands-on education for electrical apprentices at nominal cost to the participant.

The following is an overview of the estimated expenses for the apprenticeship program:

Application Processing Fee:

Inside Program:  $50.00

Sound/Communications/Data Management Program:  $50.00

Residential Program:  $30.00

Fees are collected electronically at the time of online application. 

Basic Tools Starter Set:  The Detroit EITC offers basic tool kits at discounted pricing to Apprentices entering the program ranging in price from $300-$500.  Tool Kit details will be covered in detail upon your entry into the program.

Tuition/Books/Blended Learning:  Program Tuition ranges based on your chosen program (Inside, Sound/Communication/Data, or Residential).

All tuition payments are collected via payroll deduction.

Work Boots:  $100-$150 (based on personal preference)

Work Apparel: $150-$250 (based on personal preference)

(Additional tools, apparel or gear may be needed depending on job

requirements, limited by collective bargaining agreement.)

What is the work and training schedule?

Apprentices are in school one day every other week and are assigned to our contractors to work during the remaining days of the two-week period. Regular workdays are 8 hours long and can vary between shifts. Weekday and weekend overtime work is also common. Job locations vary and apprentices may be required to change job locations frequently. For a brief video overview of the typical day of work for an apprentice, click here.

I completed my application and sent my transcripts. The status of my application says, “Need Test”, what does this mean?

“Need Test” means that you will be scheduled for an aptitude test within approximately 90 days from your application date. You will receive an email and a mailed letter to notify you of the test date and time. Past 90 days? Contact us at

I have completed my aptitude test, what happens now?

Once you’ve completed the aptitude test, the PEF and the letter of recommendation successfully, you will be placed on the selection list for a period of one (1) year.

After one year if you are not selected, your application will be removed from the selection list, and you will need to reapply for the program if you wish to do so.

If I receive an offer of apprenticeship, what if I fail my drug screen?

If you fail, your drug screen you will not be indentured into the apprenticeship.


If I receive an offer of apprenticeship, what if I’m activity restricted by my physical?

Physical restrictions disclosed from your entry physical will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.


What types of work experience or education would help me be successful in the electrical field?
  • Construction or electrical related work experience
  • Algebra/Applied Math
  • Reading comprehension courses


Is there a study guide available for the aptitude test?

Yes.   Our third-party testing provider, offers study guide materials for purchase, click here.

If I have additional questions, what should I do?

Contact us at

Have a specific question? Contact us.